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    DV Medical strives for accurate and reliable delivery services and operates from its headquarters in Gardena, California. A family-owned and managed business established in 1978, DV Medical Supply supplies pharmaceutical products and medical supplies to a variety of medical organizations and businesses, such as animal clinics, dental facilities, and emergency hospitals.

    The company employs a trained staff of personal account representatives to assist clients with questions, ordering, and customer service. The compliance team works in conjuction with sales to set up clients as trading partners for controlled substance orders through the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS). Clients are provided a login and unique password for CSOS, allowing them to securely purchase Schedule II controlled substances without the need for traditional paper forms. 

    Products and pharmaceuticals supplied by the company include a variety of quality generics, hard-to-find items, and medical supplies. Available medical supplies range from catheters and gloves to hypodermics and IV fluids, and pharmaceutical products come in an assortment of delivery forms. Clients can order pharmaceuticals as capsules, tablets, injections, liquids, ointments, and other forms. Furthermore, contract and volume-pricing is available for large or bulk orders.

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