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Five Tips for Managing Your Medication Regimen

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It is important to develop a working routine for taking prescribed medications. The following list provides some tips for managing medication regimens:

1. Use pill organizers. The use of daily and weekly pill organizers for long-term prescriptions allows you to place all your medications in a single spot and prevents you from opening and closing multiple containers. It also negates the need to count out pills if a prescription requires you to take multiple or split pills.
2. Place organizers in the open. Place pill containers or organizers in a place where you will see them every day or next to items that receive daily use, such as coffee mugs, alarm clocks, or toothbrushes. Remember to take appropriate precautions if you live in a home with animals or small children.
3. Pick a single pharmacy. If you use multiple pharmacies, consider selecting a single one and moving all medications to it. Using a single designated pharmacy will prevent you from taking multiple trips and enable you to keep its information on hand if a physician prescribes a new or short-term medication.
4. Pair medication dosages with a set time or daily activity. If you have trouble remembering to take your medication, select a specific time of day or tie it to a daily activity. Consider activities that are part of your daily routine, such as showering, routine meal times, or before bed.
5. Set up medication alerts. Alerts remind you to take medication and help you establish it as part of your routine. You can use physical calendars to write in reminders or download medication alert applications onto your electronic devices.

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