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Veterinary Drugs - Cephalexin

DV Medical Supply

Established in 1978, DV Medical Supply, Inc., furnishes a wide variety of veterinary drugs and equipment for quality animal care. For example, DV Medical Supply offers cephalexin capsules in 250- and 500-milligram doses.

Cephalexin is a broad-spectrum antibiotic sold under several brand names, including Keflex and Biocef. Taken orally, the drug helps clear bacterial infections from urinary, respiratory, skin, and bone tissues in cats and dogs. Cephalexin is especially potent in the treatment of skin infections arising from staphylococcal bacteria.
Once introduced into the body, cephalexin attacks bacteria by inhibiting the growth process of bacterial cell walls. Ultimately, bacteria vulnerable to cephalexin incur cell wall breaches that lead to their death.
Animal caretakers can gain access to cephalexin only after receiving a prescription from a licensed veterinarian. When administering the drug to an animal, it’s very important that caretakers strictly follow veterinary instructions regarding proper dosages and how often to give the drug to the animal.

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